Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Ahead

Today was a day to prepare. We began preparing to move the boys into the same room. It started out that we would just move the furniture. Then we decided we'd just paint the "nursery" halfway so that it could be customized after the baby is born. What we ended up doing was building a closet into the boys room. The bedroom that our lil guy is in now previously had NO closet. How does someone live without a closet in every bedroom? Beats me! Well, we had gotten by the last 3 years with a wardrobe that had a rod in it for hanging up the boys' small shirts and what not. With them both moving into that room AND growing, we new that it would never suffice so I broke down and we went to Menards. We were pleasantly surprised to find they had a construction sale and 2x4's and drywall were both on sale. At this point we are just framing and drywalling and will mud, and paint at a later date. My handyman husband is done framing and about 75% of the drywall is up. Tomorrow we will be going back to Menards to get a different closet system. I'm excited to get it installed and get the boys in the room. All their clothes will have a spot and the baby will have an entire closet to itself! Then I can finally start getting out baby stuff. It's all still in the shed. With under 3 weeks til the due date, it's probably about time.Now, it's 10:50, which is technically 11:50 since time will change tonight and I'm heading off to bed. I really felt like something might happen with the baby today. For some reason I just had a suspicion that we'd get that closet started and my water would break or who knows. I had some pressure and pains throughout the day but nothing consistent. I think baby is just getting comfortable. Check back tomorrow for progress on the closet and any further updates!

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