Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Winning Prizes... I like to, do you??

My lovely friend, Joye @ the Joyeful Journey is celebrating her 100th post and she's giving away some awesome prizes! If you're interested in see what she has to give away, check it out here! As part of her giveaway, she put in a good word for my main squeeze's Father's Day photo and asked for votes for him! Isn't that sweet?? Thank you all for voting and for your support of us and her! Love you Joye!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet Summertime

Well, summer is in full swing around here. Although, this last week it
may have been hard to tell by looking out the window, but it's here.

We've enjoyed numerous walks/bike rides.
So Big Guy needed his own bike. And he's doing awesome!

We've played at the playground

until we were all played out.

We've been swimming a couple times and...

my little Princess is growing, growing, growing!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Campaigning For Father's Day

I have submitted Matt in a Father's Day photo contest!  
All we need is a few voters.  
Now, if you know Matt you know that he is a won
derful father!  He has always done the kids' baths and does the bedtime routine many nights.  It's time that they cherish with him and most of the time, I need to tell the boys that bath time is over cause they would stay in there for over an hour playing with Matt if I let them.  He is always taking them for bike rides or to the park.  He takes them to the children's museum whenever he can.  Now, the deal is that we need voters.  You can register once for every email address you have and then each registration allows you to vote 5 times EVERYDAY!

What you need to do is click this link and then click "register" below the login.  Fill out the form and it will send a confimation email which you must go to and click on to confirm your email.  Then you can log in and start voting!  Feel free to register more than one email address and vote EVERYDAY!  Thanks for your support.  Oh yeah... we don't want to win.  We just want to get 2nd or 3rd so that we can get the $250 to Builder's Warehouse (like a Menards).  Matt would like a recliner but we have a lot of home improvement projects that he'd rather get done!