Monday, March 9, 2009

The Boys' Room!

We finished up the closet and got the boys' bunkbeds moved into the room. Their clothes fit nicely and we fit the dresser in there so all their clothes are put away. We then had to take apart the crib to get it through the doorway and we got that room all set up. It took them quite awhile to fall asleep last night, no doubt that was made worse by the time change and lack of naps but tonight they're actually doing quite well. Tonight Bubba insisted on reading the stories to Dad and his brother like at preschool.
I found out a little bit ago that a coworker of mine (who is expecting and due this friday the 13th) is going to be induced on Friday. I'm very excited for her. It's her first. But, it does make it all seem very real because we're only 2 weeks apart. Like I told her husband, ready or not here they (these babies) come.

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