Monday, April 20, 2009

Freedom Conquest and Family Time

This weekend we visited my dad and brother at their new home. It was such an exciting thing, to be able to stay with them. The boys loved visiting Papa. The men, my husband, dad and brother, went to an event hosted by Mission Nebraska called Freedom Conquest. For them, it seemed that it was a very encouraging and challenging event. They listened to speakers and the main message was that men are the leaders of this world and they have a lot of power and influence and they should be using that influence to bring the friends and family, especially their children, to a committment in Christ. Not only that, but they were challenged to not compartmentalize their life and to be diligent in spending time with God. I was really excited for my husband to attend this event and to be challenged to take on his role as the spiritual leader of our family. His sinus infection throughout the week before, and exhaustion as a rusult, worried me, but I knew that God could and would give him the energy and stamina to make it through the day and to really get what he needed out of the event. Please pray that he was challenged.

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  1. Wow, what a great event! It's wonderful that your hubby even went! That shows his heart!

    I just love the pictures of your family--they are such cutie pies, Sarah! I'm sure you have your hands full right now. I KNOW you have your hands full right now ^_^ If we lived closer, I would come over and help you fold laundry! hehehehe